David Klabo

You might have heard, got a new full time job and will be relocating.  Still planning to have a regular set of shows around Virginia, but look for new shows in St. Petersburg, Fl. once I get settled. . .And maybe the occasional one off with Niko and Bryan in Houston from time to time. Don't be alarmed if the volume of shows looks to be falling off a bit, I'll get back into the groove soon enough!

And keep an eye out for recurring LITS shows.  If they are going to happen, (and they are)  you can read about it here. 

July 14 at Magnolia Vineyards

With Bruce Lowe and Tom Mayer. Going to be rocking. Amissville, Va. 

August 14, Detroit Mi.

Private party. Sorry, you probably can't come. 

List of Upcoming Dates