Songs You Might Hear Live. . .

Every Breath You Take
Hey Hey
Love You Till The End

She’s No Lady, She’s my Wife

Lay Down Sally
Knee Deep
Straight to Hell
Wicked Game
Ain’t No Sunshine

Sunday Morning
I’m Yours
Chicken Fried

Don't You Forget About Me
One Tree Hill
Melt With You
Black Coffee in Bed

People Get Ready
Let My Love Open the Door

Sweet Jane
Three Little Birds
Ring of Fire
Can't Always Get What You Want

And many more. . .

That's Tom on the left and Dave on the right.



Samples from the Setlist

About The General Eclectic Company

David Klabo

So, I've been lax in posting new music lately. But at a very special gig for us at Magnolia Vineyards, we opened with this song.  The day after his 69th birthday.  Not anticipating the loss of the Great White Duke.  It is not much, but it is our little tribute.  From David, Tom and Bruce. 

Me and Tom Mayer met in college at Washington and Lee University in the late 80's.  But we didn't played music together until 2014 when an opportunity came up to play some old 80's and 90's college rock covers for a reunion event.  Well, it was so much fun we decided to update the playlist and keep on playing.

We both like a lot of different styles of music.  Tom plays harmonica in a great blues band in Richmond - Barrelhouse - but was looking for a chance to expand his musical palate a bit beyond just the blues.  I have  always been interested in a variety of styles and genres and you can hear those influences all over my solo album Life of an Oyster.  So rather than just sticking to one type of music, Trop Rock, singer songwriter, or what have you. . .we decided we wanted to play a little bit of anything and everything we love.

So our set list is very eclectic.  And we're a couple of old W&L Generals.  Hence the name.  I hope you like what we're doing as much as we do.