David Klabo

New LITS Show!  Continental Club in Houston October 22, 2016!  Help us celebrate.

It Was Always You
A demo of a newer original, doesn't get played live but it is a lovely little song. . .

Can't Always Get What You Want
The opening bars of harmonica on this one are my favorite!  

Hey Hey (What Can I Do)
Zep. With some mandolin.  Yep.

Just Like Heaven
Cover of the song by The Cure.  Never get tired of playing this one. . .

Latest Songs

 This site will give you information about all of my musical endeavors.  

The General Eclectic Company - an acoustic duo featuring me, David Klabo, on guitar, mandolin and vocals and Tom Mayer on harmonica, guitar and vocals.  

My solo album Life of an Oyster.

Lost in the Supermarket  a college rock band from the late '80's and early 90's I was in.

You can listen to music from each of these groups, book The General Eclectic Company  and buy songs from iTunes.    

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